CHERRY HILL, NJ --- Our 40th Anniversary Video  

 Witness a drive-through Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of 

beautiful cherry blossoms!

Driving East on Chapel Avenue towards Kings Highway

Driving West on Chapel Avenue towards Haddonfield Ro



On our 40th Anniversary  --- political approval was finally given to allow for the removal of the last 17 shade trees still standing among the two-mile rows of hundreds of cherry trees! The removal of all shade trees from Chapel Avenue took 40 years for our small group of supporters to achieve. The 17  shade trees removed were replaced with 37 Kwanszan cherry trees! Today only beautiful Kwansan cherry trees can be seen along the entire length of a two mile section of Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Cherry Hill Firefighters have been planting these cherry trees on Chapel Avenue for the past 40 years! American Legion Post 372 War Veterans have been placing American flags and yellow ribbons on the cherry trees since the event of September 11, 2001 as a showing of proud  support to our country and our military. Chapel Avenue's continuous rows of cherry blossoms are Cherry Hill's living memorial to the 2996 innocent victims that perished on September 11, 2001,

In total - through our 40 years of varied community efforts - over 1467 cherry trees have been planted in Cherry Hill in pursuit of this idealist quest to unify the townspeople of Cherry Hill in a proud celebration of Cherry Hill.

Cherry Blossoms arrive in Cherry Hill, NJ toward the last two weeks of April! -- 

All are welcomed to visit Cherry Hill's cherry blossoms. 


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