The two videos directly below display a scenic drive-through Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of blossoming cherry trees!

Left Video - Driving West from Kings Highway to Haddonfield Road!

Right Video - Driving East from Haddonfield Road to Kings Highway!

Cherry Blossom Parade Videos 

The two videos below were photographed with 8mm cameras and do not have the high resolution that today's cameras have. We were fortunate to locate these 8mm clips from two residents who recorded this historic event withe their family cameras.

The Bicentennial - 1976 Cherry Blossom Parade video above is just a glimpse of what actually paraded down Chapel Avenue that year. Over 105 parade entries participated - - causing the NJ Bicentennial parade to last for nearly five hours. Fifteen New Jersey State Counties were among the entries. Cherry Hill was truly honored to play host for the State of New Jersey's Official Bicentennial Parade in 1976.

All of the above videos reflect the never ending effort of a small group of residents who feel the need to end the apathy and separation of the many facets that comprise the dynamic community of Cherry Hill! Our cherry tree plantings and our cherry blossom presentations - are sincere attempts to bring the townspeople proudly together to honor the Township of Cherry Hill!

We are calling on the leaders of Cherry Hill to proclaim a permanent, community-wide - "Celebration of Cherry Hill" event! This celebration to coinside with the cherry blossoms arrivals and will last for two weeks which is the duration time of the cherry blossoms presence in Cherry Hill!

Township leaders must also encourage participation by the many community establishments - - and as well - - encourage the plantings of cherry trees throughout the community of Cherry Hill to support this ideaistic endeavor - - insuring that the "Celebration of Cherry Hill" event will continue to grow for future generations of townspeople to enjoy and be a part of!

The Spring return of millions of cherry blossoms throughout the township will offer all organizations, schools and businessmen an opportunity to show case their presence in Cherry Hill! Their offering of positive and culturel activities will be a positive reflection of the pride of the townspeople and the many organizations, schools and businesses that make-up the sprawling, diversified Township of Cherry Hill!      


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