Cherry blossom trees (Kwansan Variety) are planted on Chapel Avenue every year between Haddonfield Road and Kings Highway in Cherry Hill. The first cherry tree, along with five others, were planted on March 17, 1973. This date was selected because it was St. Patrick's Day. We announced that -- St. Patty Goes "PINK" in Cherry Hill. It drew alot of media attention and these newly planted cherry trees started our drive to plant cherry trees on Chapel Avenue and throughout the Township of Cherry Hill. An ongoing effort that still continues today! 

Double rows of cherry trees are planted on both sides of Chapel Avenue in many sections of the avenue where we were able to do so. Over 110 cherry trees were planted around the municipal building of Cherry Hill. Our master plan was to have cherry trees planted on all schools grounds and municipal parks. We encouraged families and business men to plant cherry trees on their properties. Cherry trees were to be planted everywhere in order to create a canopy of cherry blossoms throughout the Township of Cherry Hill! Their annual arrivals would rally the community together in a proud awareness of the many positive attributes of Cherry Hill. We would celebrate Cherry Hill with communiy-wide events that would bring the townspeople and community identities proudly together. Cherry Hill will become an exciting and vibrant community earning the acclamation of ---

                         "You couldn't pick a better place"  -- to raise a family or start a business!




Scenic drive through the Cherry Blossoms on Chapel Avenue!

Click on the links below:

At Kings Highway -- Driving West - on Chapel Avenue towards Haddonfield Road



At Haddonfield Road -- Driving East - on Chapel Avenue towards Kings Highway 




Video - Cherry Blossoms on Chapel Avenue



                     There are only 17 shade trees remaining on this two-mile cherry blossom route that must be removed 

                                           to in order to complete Chapel  Avenue's "visual homage" to Cherry Hill!

American flags and yellow ribbons adorn the cherry trees along the two-mile cherry tree lined route.


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