Cherry Hill's "9-11 Remembrance & Patriotic Gratitude" event has received attention from major news media outlets, both local and statewide! There are numerous sites on the Internet that feature photographs and videos of the two-mile avenue of blossoming cherry trees. Visitors from other states have called to get information about the time frame for the cherry blossoms arrivals in Cherry Hill. Many have visited Cherry Hill to see these cherry trees in blossom.

Governor Brendan T. Byrne of New Jersey issued a state-wide proclamation encouraging all NJ State Counties to participate in Cherry Hill's 1976 Cherry Blossom Parade! The Cherry Blossom Parade was to be the State of New Jersey's - "Official" - New Jersey's statewide Bicentenial Parade for 1976.  

Left Photo Below: Organizer Joe Zanghi - Governor Brendan Byrne - Assemblyman - Jack Gallagher

Right Photo Below: Cherry Hill Mayor - John Holden! NJ Assemblyman - Thomas Shuster! - Camden, NJ  Mayor - Angelo Errichetti!  
NJ Governor - Thomas H. Kean! - Active Cherry Hill Mayor - John Rocco!  Cherry Hill Councilman - Howard Gall!

Governor Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey also recognized the popular Cherry Blossom Parade! Governor Kean came to Cherry Hill - he and other digniteries walked the full two-mile parade route under a beautiful canopy of cherry blossoms. 

Cable Televison Channel 2 broadcasted the full Cherry Blossom "Bicentennial" Parade for its viewers in 1976. New Jersey Public Television did a story about Chapel Avenue's cherry trees. Recently -ABC "Action News" - Channel 6 - did a three minute televison news broadcast that was reported by famed television anchor women -- Lisa Thomas Lauri.

Photo taken in the home of Joseph G. Zanghi, founder and organizer of the Cherry Blossom Parade and the Cherry Blossoms Festival!

One of the most difficult challenges facing Zanghi was that he wanted to create a two-mile avenue of continuous rows of blossoming cherry trees that would bring positive attention to Cherry Hill!  Zanghi believed that the annual arrival of millions of cherry blossoms to Cherry Hill would be an appealing attraction for the townspeople of Cherry Hill to join together to celebrate the great dynamic attributes of the Township of Cherry Hill!  

Many difficult problems had to be resolved before he would be able to realize this idealistic quest to proudly bring the community of Cherry Hill proudly together! Case in point - hundreds of large shade trees had to be removed from a two-mile section of Chapel Avenue in order to create continuous rows of blossoming cherry trees. Getting shade tree "removal permission" from the authorities of Camden County, Cherry Hill Township, environmentalist and families living on Chapel Avenue  - - would prove to be a most daunting and tireless task for anyone to achieve! The true reality of realizing this almost impossible task was that it will take 40 years of effort to complete Chapel Avenue's corridor of two-miles of continuous rows of cherry trees! Today the two-mile avenue of blossoming cherry trees exist only because of the undying support of Cherry Hill's Firefighters, Cherry Hill's war veterans and supporting townspeople and businessmen who came to help Zanghi's to realize his idealistic quest to unify the community of Cherry Hill.

Another enormous challenge for Zanghi was how to raise the necessary funds to pay for the shade tree removals, the purchasing and plantings of hundreds of replacement cherry trees along the two mile long Chapel Avenue! In addition  - - how was he to pay for the expenses of organizing a spectacular Cherry Blossom Parade and other planned festival activities to occur across the Township of Cherry Hill. 

It was Zanghi's strong belief that the creation of Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of continuous rows of blossoming cherry trees would call on the full community annually to come together to celebrate the Township of Cherry Hill. Their participation and pride for community would help to pay for the expenses that would definitely occur!

The annual "Spring Time" arrivals of millions of cherry blossoms on Chapel Avenue - -  will be the community "catalyst" - - that will call on the many identities of Cherry Hill and the townspeople to come together to celebrate the Township of Cherry Hill! 

The two-mile avenue of beautiful blossoming cherry trees with its impressive community parade and festival  - - will proudly broadcast to the world all that was good, positive and meaningful of the people, the organizations, schools, religious groups and businessmen of Cherry Hill. This was the dream that Zanghi pursued and continues to reach for - - he has not given up yet!

It seems that Zanghi efforts of over 43 years to realize a community-wide celebration for the Township of Cherry Hill will never become a reality! Community  apathy for this project was not expected! The cherry trees will eventually die off and shade trees will be soon replacing them ! If this is the sad future of Chapel Avenue's cherry tree lined avenue - -  it will definitely be the end of Zanghi's idealistic quest to do good for the community of Cherry Hill. 

It is truly shocking that the completed cherry tree lined avenue is not being protected and maintained by the Township of Cherry Hill -nor by Camden County or responsible organizations in Cherry Hill! It is a fact - - that older cherry trees are dying and are not being removed! No plans in place for cherry tree replacements. Sadly in a short period of time Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of cherry trees will disappear1

Zanghi's only hope is that a future generation of Cherry Hill residents and political leaders will take on the responsibility to protect the cherry tree lined avenue and return its colorful parade and Cherry Blossom Festival back to the community of Cherry Hill. 



On the day of the Cherry Blossom Parade - hot-air balloons were position along the parade route to entertain the townspeople and advertise that on the following day a hot-air balloon race was scheduled to take off from the grounds of the world famous, Cherry Hill Inn. Eight hot-air balloons were sponsored by area businessmen of Cherry Hill and others corporate identities. 

eVERY sORING TIMECherry Hill's -- "9-11 Remembrance & Patritoic Gratitude" event!

Every year since September 11, 2001 -- a small group of townspeople gather under the cherry blossoms at the 9-11 Memorial site to offer a silent prayer for the 2996 victims that perished on on that fateful day! We will always remember the horrific events of September 11, 2001 that forever changed our great Nation.

This year, 2010, a newly conceived "Honor and Remember" flag -- that honors and remembers all servicemen that were killed in service fighting our Nation's wars throughout our history -- was introduced to the people of Cherry Hill for the first time.

The "Honor and Remember" flag was conceived by a father who lost his son in the Irag war! He is presently traveling through the United States to get his flag approved and accepted by 50 state's legislatures. He wants the "Honor and Remember" flag to be approved by Congress and for it to become a recognized National flag of the United States of America. 

To learn more about the "Honor and Remember" flag -- Click on this link!




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