The first Cherry Blossom Parade marched under a small token of cherry blossoms on May 6, 1973. It was a complete success with many township identities and local groups participating. When it was all over -- it was the talk of  the town and everyone was happy that it was successful! For the first time Cherry Hill Township presented a community-wide activity that the townspeople and the diverse identities of Cherry Hill were happy to particpate in. We knew now that the number of Cherry trees plantings on Chapel Avenue will continue to rise every year to greet the parade!

One of the highlights of the first Cherry Blossom Parade was when Cherry Hill West High School Band and Cherry Hill East High School Band marching bands performed before the crowds! They were greeted with cheers and applause from proud Cherry Hill parents and parade watchers. 

Other high school bands marched in the parade such as - Hamilton High School Band, Vineland High School Band, Cherokee High School Band, Buena Vista High School Band and Palmyra High School Band  to name a few. Popular String Bands were also in attendance and as well gigantic floating character balloons. One year hot-air balloons were tethered along side the parade route. Miss New Jersey and other Beauty Queens from other State Counties also joined the parade. There were even private parade entries by businessmen and local groups -- everyone was enjoying the spectacle of a parade.

The cherry blossom quest seemingly was working -- each year more cherry trees were added to the route and elsewhere in the community. The Cherry Blossom Parade was getting larger and more colorful. New events were being added -- Hot-Air Balloon races, Bike Races, Foot Races, Carnivals, Antique Car Show, Rock Concerts, a Day at the Garden State Race Track, community-wide dinner dances, cultural events at the high schools and in the Fall season a "Masquerade Ball of Cherry Hill" to keep the workers and townspeople together! The Cherry Blossom Parade and its festival would eventually become the largest single community happening in the State of New Jersey. It had grown to be a month long festival with community events being scheduled throughout the month of May.

In 1976 the Cherry Blossom Parade was accepted to be New Jersey State - Bicentennial Parade -- sixteen State Counties participated that year. Over 110 entries performed and the parade lasted five hours! Our community was proud to stage the Bicentennial event for the State of New Jersey and surrounding municpalities.! 

The townspeople and surrounding communities of Camden County were eagerly looking forward to next year's presentation of the Cherry Blossom Parade --  expecting that it would be larger and better than the previous one! It became so popular that Cable Television Channel 2 recorded the entire Cherry Blossom Parade so that their broadcast subscribers would be able to view  it in their homes.

                          To see photos of Cherry Blossom Parades (1973 - 1992) -- Click on this Link!


              To see a video of the - 1976 - (Bicentennial) - Cherry Blossom Parade  -- Click on this link!



                                                                        Did we succeed?

    Unfortunately, after 20 years of effort - the Cherry Blossom Parade and its Festival  came to its end on May 3, 1992

                                        We did not succeed in our quest to unify the community of Cherry Hill!                                       

                                                    Reasons being too difficult to discuss on this web site!


                                                             We haven't given up - we are still trying!

         Cherry Hill Firefighters, to this day, continue to plant the cherry trees on Chapel Avenue to complete the original 

                  idealistic goal to line a two-mile section of Chapel Avenue with blossoming cherry trees. Only seventeen 

                              shade trees remain on Chapel Avenue! These shade trees must be removed in order to 

                                    achieve what was started in 1972. The idealistic goal to create a continuous

                                              two-mile cherry tree lined avenue to honor the Township of 

                                                     Cherry Hill and unify the townspeople must not be 

                                                            abandoned! The beautiful cherry blossoms 

                                                                 on Chapel Avenue must never attest  

                                                                               to community-wide 


                                                 It is with great hope that one day a future generation 

                                                  of townspeople and community leaders would return

                          the Cherry Blossom Parade and its Festival back to the community of Cherry Hill!

                             Designed to be a community-wide "Celebration of the Township of Cherry Hill!" 

                                          To reflect all that is good and meaningful of our townspeople, 

                                                religious and ethnic groups, schools, organizations and 

                                                                    businessmen of Cherry Hill.


   SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 

The United States of America is attacked by terrorists!

         A second effort to bring the community of Cherry Hill proudly together 

under the cherry blossoms resulted in the creation of 

                  Cherry Hill's - "9-11 Remembrance & Patriotic Gratitude" event!

 Chapel Avenue's blossoming cherry trees are called upon to reflect 

community-wide patriotism! It was decided that American flags and yellow ribbons will adorn 

the blossoming cherry trees! It will be Cherry Hill's public statement of 

remembrance of the victims of 9-11, 

a showing of support for our military and to reflect the 

townspeople's pride and love for our country!


                                        Details about this patriotic event are mentioned on our "Home" page!


Governor Thamas H. Kean and dignitaries walking the 
two-mile parade route !

   May 3, 1992 -- Photo taken on the day of the last "Cherry Blossom Parade" in Cherry Hill, NJ

Ironically -- the cherry trees were in full blossoms on the day of the last parade!

To see other parade photographs -- visit next page -- "Photos - Cherry Blossom Parade"


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