"Cherry Blossom Parade - Festival" (1973 - 1992)

A two week event in

Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

Designed to be a proud, unifying event for the townspeople and diverse identities of Cherry Hill! Offering all community groups -- an opportunity to be a part of a proud, community awareness event -- reflecting all that is good and meaningful in the Township of Cherry Hill, NJ -- our home town! 

The annual Spring return of millions of cherry blossoms on Chapel Avenue to motivate the full community of Cherry Hill to come together to honor and proudly participate in a community-wide appreciation and a proud

"Celebration of Cherry Hill Township"

event - - whenever the cherry blossoms are present in Cherry Hill! 

This Cherry Blossom Rock Concert was held at the Cherry Hill West Stadium with two rock groups entertaining! Other performances were held on Chapel Avenue in front of Cherry Hill West High School! 

Miss New Jersey

Cherry Blossom 5k Races drew hundreds of participants! Cherry Blossom 25 Mile Bike Races were run on Chapel Avenue just before the Cherry Blossom Parade kicked off.

Several Cherry Blossom Carnivals came to Cherry Hill that were held at the Ellisburg Shopping Center and the Cherry Hill Inn!


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