The world renowned - Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) has informed us that Chapel Avenue’s two-mile avenue of blossoming cherry trees has been selected to be one of the winners in their "2014 - Gardening and Greening Contest" - and will receive a "Garden of Distinction” award at a winner's reception scheduled to be held at the Governor's Mansion in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on December 8, 2014. 

Cherry Hill's blossoming cherry trees was selected as one of the winners from over 350 entries that competed in this year's "2014 - Gardening and Greening Contest"! At the reception 125 to 150 people were in attendance at this gala affair of gardeners, landscapers, greening professionals and people who loved to garden. These participants came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware!

The yearly "Gardening and Greening Contest" is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (founded in 1827)! This organization is nationally known and acclaimed for their presentation of the world's largest indoor flower show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia - - the "Philadelphia Flower Show"!

Pennsylvania Governor's Thomas and Susan Corbett's Residence in Harrisburg, Pa.

Photographs of winning gardenentries were projected through out the evening - several of them were of the cherry blossoms on Chapel Avenue

as shown in these photographs!

Pennsylvania's First Lady - Susan Corbett

 I was fortunate enough to meet and have a photo taken with Pennsylvania's First Lady - Susan Corbett!

I am hoping that the people who are reviewing this website will support the illusive "cherry blossom quest" to unify the diverse community of Cherry Hill whenever a mass numbers of cherry blossoms return to the Township of Cherry Hill in the early Spring!

Cherry Hill has this unique  opportunity to embrace the arrival of Chapel Avenue's cherry blossoms as a time for a "community get together" where the townspeople can congregate to proudly showcase all of our town's fine attributes! 

We can celebrate the unity and greatness of our town at cherry blossom time in Cherry Hill! A community-wide celebration staged with a backdrop of cherry blossoms is a perfect opportunity to reflect all that is good and meaningful of our schools, organizations and businessmen and the people that make up Cherry Hill Township! A annual cherry blossom "Celebration of Cherry Hill"is exactly what we need to bring our community proudly together ever year!

If the "cherry blossom quest" for Cherry Hill is to ever become a reality and survive for future generations of townspeople to enjoy and proudly participate in - -  it truly needs community-wide participation and strong leadership from township leaders and businessmen

March 2, 2015 - "2015 - Philadelphia Flower Show"

Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s contest photos of Cherry Hill’s two-mile avenue of cherry blossoms were displayed at the world renowned "Philadelphia Flower Show" -  staged at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.  

I was able to capture one of two photos that appeared on a massive screen at the Pennsylvania Convention Center! These impressive photos of Chapel Avenue's cherry blossom avenue were being seen by hundreds of world-wide visitors that were in attendance at the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show! The famous garden and flower exhibitions organized by the world renowned Philadelphia Horticultural Society!

The two photos of Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of cherry blossoms proudly serving as a reflection of the people and community of the Township of Cherry Hill! 


2013 NEWS ITEM: - - Mayor Cahn - of Cherry Hill approves the removal 

of the last remaining 17 shade trees still standing among the rows of hundreds of

 cherry trees on Chapel Avenue!




All shade trees existing on Chapel Avenue's curb line - - 

between Haddonfield Road to Kings Highway - - 

have been successfully removed! - -

Ending our 40 year quest to realize a two mile avenue 

of continuous rows of cherry trees to honor and unify 

the diverse community of Cherry Hill!!


On April 13 & 14th, 2013 -- 

Thirty-seven (37) cherry trees were planted along 

Chapel Avenue by Cherry Hill's Firefighters

 to replace the 17 shade trees that were removed! 

This event was highly covered by the News media!

Channel 6 - ACTION NEWS - Lisa Thomas Laurie interviews Mayor Chuck Cahn on Chapel Avenue!

It is time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary milestone event!

On the 40th Anniversary of the first cherry tree planting and the first Cherry Blossom Parade that were staged in 1973  -- Cherry Hill's Firefighters and American Legion Post 372 war veterans will be celebrating the completion of a two-mile section of Chapel Avenue with continous rows of cherry trees!  

This cherry tree lined avenue was created to honor and unify the  diverse community of Cherry Hill in a proud awareness of all that is good and meaningful of our townspeople, our schools, our organizations, our religious groups and our businessmen! These are the community makers that define the character of Cherry Hill and it can truly be said of Cherry Hill -- "You couldn't pick a better place" -- to raise your family.

Our diverse community identities and our townspeople are invited to join us to celebrate the completion of the cherry tree lined avenue and be a part of our 40th Anniversary event celebration scheduled for:

April 21, 2013 at 1:00 PM at Cherry Hill West High School 
in the front parking lot that parallels Chapel Avenue.  
(You can enter the area from Murray Avenue!)

There will be a display of Cherry Hill's township's Fire and Police Department's vehicles and security equipment. Prominent leaders have been invited to participate. The two-mile avenue of cherry trees are expected to be in full cherry blossom display for this occasion. The continuous rows will be a beautiful sight to witness.

Please make plans to attend this community celebration 
honoring the Township of Cherry Hill.


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